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Celebrate Labor Day & Enjoy Time Off


The majority of our lives are spent focusing on work. Even our days off can find us obsessing over various work-related issues – sitting at a computer or watching our smartphones, answering work emails, or planning for an upcoming project or meeting. We have a very hardworking culture in America, and it can be tough to completely “disconnect” over a weekend and get the break needed for our health.

However, scientific research has revealed that it is detrimental to productivity to obsessively focus on work tasks and to have insufficient downtime. You need to replenish, recharge, and get enough rest, all without thinking about work.

According to researchers, downtime is actually essential. It gives your mind time to rest and process work-related issues. Tough problems can actually be solved while “daydreaming.” Many of us find it extremely difficult to stop thinking about the various problems, difficulties, and activities at work, or we spend our off-work time with employees who are now close friends. If you do meet with fellow workers, make a rule: no work talk.

Your health insurance is an important benefit of work. However, many employees access their health insurance purely for stress-related problems. Depression, anxiety, and stress can burden a worker to the point of being unable to function normally. Americans in general are not getting enough sleep and can face health problems affecting all body systems, as well as attitude and emotional difficulties. Rather than having to use your health insurance to see a doctor when you’re struggling, try simple actions such as ensuring you get enough sleep, rest, and downtime from your work concerns. Labor Day gives you the perfect opportunity to catch up on much-needed rest. Take advantage of it!

A three-day weekend can bring you the opportunity to recharge, spend time with the family, or take a short trip and enjoy a change of environment. Make the most of the Labor Day weekend to get fully rested and restored. When you return to work after the holiday, you will find yourself more capable of getting your work done.

If you are a business owner, sole proprietor, or operator of a home business, you face big challenges. Make sure you schedule down time! And when you’re ready to look into how to get the best deal on health insurance, connect with one of our local agents. We are friendly and easy to get in touch with, and we are ready to answer any of your questions. We understand the stresses that are faced by both business owners and employees, and we hope that our advice about taking some restorative downtime over the Labor Day weekend helps! Give us a call to talk about getting better rates on your group or individual health insurance policy – we can help!

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